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The process of video interview

Deviate from the traditional method of face to face interview or live interviews and experience the intelligent
way of video interview which is feasible and convenient.

candidate screening app

Ask for a video resume

Allow the candidates to record their responses to your questions in a video format.

hire best talent

Create a shareable link

Now you can share the interview with your hiring managers. You can even rate and review the interview to form the final decision.

sharable interview link

Hire the best talent

Analyze the video interview and choose which candidate should progress for further rounds.

Merits of video interviews

The dynamic process of video interview helps you to hire the best and suitable
talent for your company.

No phone screen is required

Great reduction in time to know understand your candidate

Fast tracked process of screening of candidates

A systematic process of interview

Effectively manages your schedules

Establish close communication between recruiter and hiring managers

Dynamic and hassle free process of interviewing

Only the best candidates will deserve your efforts and time

Eliminates hectic and tiring in-person interviews.

Happy hiring to you

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