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One-Way Video Interview

This simple process allows you to interview your next best candidate by prompting him to self record video answers for your questions.

  • One to one approach
  • Restricted thinking and answer time
  • Draft your own question bank for interview
  • Control the allotted number of retakes
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digital video interview
live video interview

Live Video Interview

Now hire your next best talent irrespective of his location through real time live interview.

  • No restrictions on video length
  • Gather first hand information
  • Interviews can be referred back later for reviews
  • Gather unanimous ratings and reviews
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Interview Evaluation

Gain a deeper insight into your candidate. Now you can review, analyze, examine and rate a candidate

  • Manage your shortlisted candidates effectively
  • Give star ratings and feedback for every interview
  • Create a rejected candidates list
  • Simplified segregation of selected and not selected candidates.
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interview evaluation
interview collaboration

Interview Collaboration

Now share an interview and gather instant feedback from your panel of talent recruiters

  • Easy-to-access interviews
  • No login required from the other recruiters on panel
  • Allows quick and unified decision making process
  • Get a notification whenever someone views interview videos
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Video Messaging

Establish and present your business ideas through your own custom and personally tailored videos.

  • Engage your customer effectively
  • Brand your videos
  • Keep a track on how many times the video has been played
  • Use video messaging at any step of your recruiting process
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video messaging

An effective way to hire the best talent in lesser time

A practical and multi featured way to recruit a suitable candidate

Open Interview

Brand your interviews and allows the candidates to choose through your customized invitation for efficient hiring.

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Engage your candidates through your personalized invitations and video messages.

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Analysis and Reporting

Keep a check on your interviewing process. Analyze and report your efforts for better optimization and strategic planning.

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Allow people on the panel to give their inputs. Monitor and restrict their actions.

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Mobile App

Widen your user base and allow the users to access your website with mobile app for better reach and user engagement.

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Partners and Integrations

Join hands with the client to ease out their hiring process by using talkRecruit as a staple in your recruitment process.

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