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The unilateral method of approach of one way interview empower you to invite, review and share your interview with others.

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An effective way to hire the best talent in lesser time

The unilateral method of approach of one way interview empower you to invite, review and share your interview with others.

Systematic candidate screening

This automated method allows candidates to respond to your set questions. It allows continuous workflow without requiring constant efforts and ensuring efficient hiring.

Strike off telephonic interviews

Get away from the earlier ways of interviews. The candidates record their answer through a video message which could be reviewed by the client later on according to his time and convenience.

Get instant feedbacks

Gather reviews from all the panelists. Now you can share your recorded interviews with other and allow them to reviews and give their feedbacks to unanimously decide which candidate should go further.

Tailor made experience

Provide a custom made experience to the candidates using your branding features. Leave lasting impression upon your candidates.

Build uniform interviews

Provide a holistic opportunity for every candidate to outshine others by establishing a justified and unbiased interview using the same set of questions under the same conditions.

Flexible interview schedule

Make your interview schedule flexible for your candidates. Allow them to choose the convenient time slot according to your availability for an amiable and comfortable experience.

Create your interview

Create a question bank for your candidates to which they can respond to in the one-way interview.

  • Record the questions which you want to ask. The questions can be in written or in recorded videos.
  • Determine the allotted thinking time for a candidate before he initiates recording. You can also determine their allotted retake and time to answer.
  • Save your question bank as a template for future use.
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create video interview

Collect candidates response

Use open interview link and invite candidates to start their interviews

  • It can be complete via webcam on any equipment.
  • In case of unavailability of webcams, candidates can interview using the talkRecruit mobile app.
  • Quick and responsible technical staff for any assistance to the candidates and clients.
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one way video interview
video interview eveluation

Evaluate and share

Now get quick notifications whenever an interview is completed. Share it with another staff member for their feedback and critically evaluate, examine and review the interviews to reach a final decision.

  • Shortlist the candidates by giving them ratings and reviews.
  • Now you can share several interviews at one go with your recruitment manager.
  • Use innovative selection feature like rejections to manage your candidate list.
  • Simplified segregation of selected and not selected candidates.
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Create a continuous loop of feedback on the interviews

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