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A multi feature video interview platforms for staffing
and recruiting firms

Video interviews help you to hire your candidates quickly and efficiently leading to increased hiring and profits.

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Why staffing and recruitment firms rely on talkRecruit.

More than 10 leading companies use talkRecruit for simplified hiring and better
representation of candidates.

Making the candidates screen ready

Engage your candidates and groom them for a better screening process leading to more probability of hiring.

Tangible method of interviews

Empower your candidates to self record their responses or use live interview method to allow hassle free interviews.

Effective reviewing and collaboration

Allow the people on the panel to give their reviews and ratings and create a shortlist of candidates in lesser time.

Segregation of candidates

Shortlist and segregate the most suitable candidate for further process to the clients.

Effective representation of candidates

Manage the profiles of shortlisted candidates and engage your clients with their assessments.

Groom your candidate

Develop the profile of the candidate for a smoother interview process.

Collaborate with clients

Allow the clients to give their feedback on the most preferred candidate on a customized landing page and hence establish your brand.

Live notifications

Follow up the progress of the interview whenever a client watches it through real time notifications.

Benefits for staffing and recruitment firm

A simple video interview platform for every firm size

Improvement in submission to hiring time

Efficient skills equipment of candidates

Get a lead amongst others through video interview

Showcase the innovative and multi purpose feature of your brand

Efficient tie ups with clients

Store and reserve your interviews for later references

Real time connection with candidates through live interviews.

Experience substantial growth and improvements in your stats through video interviews

talkRecruit is the most trusted tool for hiring purpose

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