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Established your brand’s ideas and concepts through your own personalized
video messages for improved engagement and efficient hiring.

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The working of video messaging

Create a lasting impact on your users using video messaging.

recorded interview

Record or upload a video

Select your video message by recording or uploading it to engage your customers

video interview messaging

Make changes to your video message

Now you can add a text body along with your video, restrict it’s play time and determine it’s expiry time.

Share your video messages

Now collaborate with other people of your group by simply sharing the video or by adding recipients to your tracks. Get a notification whenever your video is being played

Video message tool for recruitment team

Improve the efficiency of your hiring process by using video messaging at all the phases of your recruitment process.

Sourcing candidates

Create a lasting impression on your candidate by creating your own branded and customized video message which giver you and edge over other organizations. Source your official emails and messages to sites like LinkedIn.

Acquiring fresh talent

Introduce your brand to your candidates by using video messaging software. Welcome the new talents and encourage them to be a part of your firm.

Welcome the on-board employees

Extend warm greetings and appreciation to the new talent who are just starting with you. Welcome them through personalized greeting video messages to establish an amiable bond for future.

Employ engagement videos

Change your way of approaching your employees. Now send video memos to your employed instead of long and dreaded HR emails. A step towards friendly environment allows better connection and improved productivity.

Video messages for staffing and recruiting firms

Empower your staffing and recruiting firms to hire the best talent strategically

Include a video in your email signature

Every recruiter and account executive at your recruiting firm should link to a video from their email signature to put a face to the name.

Present your clients to candidates

Allow your clients to record a descriptive video about their firm and use this video to inform the candidates during hiring process.

Showcase your outreach

Testify your efforts towards the authentic nd proactive representation of client profile to the suitable candidate by integrating video messages in your sourcing messages.

Develop your client connection

Bridge the gap between you and your client and make your engagement more personal by supplementing your emails and calls with video messages.

Keep your candidate updated

Send personalized video messages to your clients informing them about their progress, updates and standing in the whole recruitment process.

Grow your business

Let your firm dominate the market by presenting video messages showcasing your innovative and inventive approach.

Video recruiting made easy

Start using video messaging to weave video into every phase of your recruiting process.

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